Best program EVER! Superb Martial Arts training, and self awareness lessons that will last a lifetime.

Patricia S.

Libertyville, IL

CORE is truly a special place! Watching how the staff interact with children and accept them is amazing! CORE appeals to so many important aspects of a child’s development! We are blessed to be part of this family!

Kara G.

Libertyville, IL

Thank you for giving my son such an amazing camp experience this summer. He loved every moment at CORE! We appreciate what you do for him and all of the kids every day… You guys are awesome! Erin and Greg

Mundelein, IL

Thank you for taking care of my son after school, he was always excited to come and had a great time!

Heather G.

Libertyville, IL

I had a serious knee injury that kept me away from the gym for about a year. During that time I developed atrophy in one leg not to mention I added few extra pounds to my frame. Justin was instramental in helping me get back into shape, strengthen my bad leg and get back on track. I can’t say enough great things about Justin’s training and the way he helped keep me motivated and focused!!! Thanks Justin!

Edward H.

Hawthorn Woods, IL

Mr. Justin and his team at CORE are excellent teachers, making the classes fun and useful for both children and adults. They have a variety of programs suited for children, families, as well as serious competitors and practical self defense. The children’s program also instill important life skills such as courtesy, self-confidence, and practical ways to deal with bullying. I highly recommend CORE for all levels of Martial Arts

Vel N.

Grayslake, IL

CORE Martial Arts is a great place for a birthday party!  Justin’s party plan was just as he promised.  He kept the children moving and smiling for a solid hour.  The children loved breaking a board and watching Justin use a samurai sword to cut the cake!  My son was truly happy with his birthday celebration.

Maryanne N.

Grayslake, IL

I enrolled with my son in the Family Program at CORE Martial Arts as a way to enjoy time with my son and get back into shape.  After only two months in the program I am already seeing the results in the form of weight loss, increased energy, and a reduced stress level.  The atmosphere in the class promotes the core disciplines needed to succeed and support from Instructor Justin and the other fathers in the class helps to fuel my motivation and make it fun to be there.  The ability to share this positive experience along side my son is truly a bonus.

Mike O.

Wauconda, IL

Three years ago we signed up our son, Yoshi, for Tae Kwon Do. We wanted to get him involved in some kind of activity that matched his interests and kept him active. What we got was much more than an after school program. Through Justin’s expert teaching, Yoshi gained focus and confidence. He learned how to share his compassion, while controlling his emotions. He even overcame his struggle with stuttering. Tae Kwon Do has become more than just something to do. Now my husband, Ken, is taking the family class with Yoshi. It has developed into a life change for our whole household. I have become involved with the personal training side of CORE, and participate in the group fitness class. Justin has sparked a fire in our family. We’re stoked to be a part of the CORE Martial Arts family!

Kristina W.

Mundelein, IL

One of our parents was singing your praises about the class you taught at Celebration Childcare. Her child will only be with us 2 more months but the Mom stated that since her child loves the class so much and he is learning so many things that they plan on bringing him over to your Libertyville location for classes when he moves on to Kindergarten and no longer attends Celebration. GREAT WORK, the kids and parents love it, thanks for all your work.

Kathy Pfister / Director of Celebration Childcare / Holy Cross Lutheran Church

Libertyville, IL