Instructor Justin Lindal

Owner and Main Instructor Justin Lindal is a Certified Personal Trainer and Martial Arts Instructor with over 12 years of training and teaching experience. As a Martial Arts Instructor Justin holds multiple Black Belt certifications, and has experience teaching age groups ranging from 3 years old to retirees. Justin currently holds a Third Degree Black Belt in Taekwondo and a First Degree Black Belt in Yongmudo.

As a Personal Trainer, Justin has experience working with many fitness facilities over the years, successfully guiding his clients to the accomplishment of their health and fitness goals. Putting an emphasis on personal integrity and mutual respect for one another, Justin Lindal walks each step of the way with every student and client toward the fulfillment of their personal goals.

As a teacher and role model for younger students, Justin believes that his mission is clear. To help shape our society for the better we must, as teachers of any subject, help shape our children to become credible leaders, and believers in a way of thinking and acting that promotes the general well being of others, and not just ourselves.

Justin currently resides in the village of Libertyville with his wife Therese and their five children.

Justin Lindal